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Church of Ireland The records of the Church of Ireland are unique amongst the Christian churches of Ireland, as they not only chronicle that religious denomination but also the transactions of a part of the machinery of government.The Church of Ireland parish was a unit of local government, its courts the centre of matrimonial and testamentary jurisdiction and its clergy often important officers of state.Following the reformation Catholicism remained the predominant religion in Ireland however until 1869 the ‘official’ religion in Ireland was the Protestant Church of Ireland.

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Methodists Although the Methodist movement commenced in the 1730’s many Methodists continued to attend the Church of Ireland church for the recording of baptisms, marriages and burials.

Additionally a split in the Methodists In 1816 resulted in the Primitive Wesleyan Methodists retaining their links with the Established Church whilst the Wesleyan Methodists allowed their ministers to perform baptisms.

Catholics in towns and cities were not prevented from trading and many merchants gradually became affluent, actively funding priests and the building of churches.

In contrast the majority of Catholics in rural areas were very poor, and could not afford to build churches and support the clergy until much later.

Other information such as the names of the parent(s), residences, ages, occupations etc may also be recorded.

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