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As though Lindsay was some delicate flower herself. She would say anything about anybody, but she did it with a smile. I felt very bad for the official that got kicked by David. Sam does have those guns--just like Rafa (when will these people be outed for PEDs?

Some people liked it because of the drama but to me she came across as very insecure and bratty. Although, I'm sure that some part of the nickname was inspired by her bulbous, movie screen forehead. The man looked shocked, and was SUPER pissed when he walked off of the court with blood dripping down his leg. )R34 that "objective" analysis of lack of sportsmanship is pathetic if that's the best you can do.

She had to have extra security at the US Open because of the crazy threats she got from homophobic fans. Nalby was winning the match, but got disqualified for kicking one of the line judges.

Problems she did not have in her home country, France, or in Australia or at Wimbledon, btw. I can't wait until video of this is posted online because I want to see what it really looked like.

I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt in how heated he still must have been at being DQ'd, but his comments right after the match reek of sour grapes.

Griping about the ATP and their unreasonable scheduling and being 'forced' to play on wet grass and unfair enforcement of rules could all be important things to discuss, but not immediately after you caused a guy to have to seek medical attention because of something boneheaded that you just did.

I think Nole is a nice guy but I can't stand how he celebrates his wins (e.g., when he tore his shirt off after winning the US Open). I do, however, think Nole exhibits better sportsmanship than that petulant little Federer. He was clearly pissed at Roddick for things he'd said about him.

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