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Elle a débuté en 2000 avec la chanson "Lie" son premier album My All.

Sa voix puissante ainsi que sa beauté sont à l'origine de son surnom, "Queen of R&B".

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Shin Ae stays alex shinae dating after Alex's concert and he performs a song just for her. After 10 days, they are then given a new mission: "Today is the day suinae exercise together with your partner".

Andy and Solbi find time together while doing the chores, while Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo go fishing.

I don’t want to believe it yet I can’t believe it Even if everyone says I’m crazy, I can still wait Even if the world deserts me, I satisfied even as I am, Please don’t leave me As many people Pass me by, There is no one, I can’t see you.

But In front of my eyes, You’re clearly still standing there.

The “Dog Poop” (Gaettongi) couple serenaded each other with the saccharine sweet love song to the excitement of all Hwanyobi fans.

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