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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

Spoiler warning for everything that has happened in Go T so far! It is a song of ice and fire." Named after the theme song. Hook/Princess Emma A collection of drabbles highlighting Emma and Killian's struggle to navigate through 21st century dating. Hurt/comfort fic set post 5x02."Dany hadn't known what to expect when she met the famed White Wolf, The King in the North, slayer of White Walkers, former Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, who united the Wildlings and defeated the Bolton army—a man who had faced Death and returned victorious. Domestic bliss was a concept that was completely alien to Sherlock Holmes. Of course, like most false senses of security, they're short-lived. Getting back to Storybrooke is just the beginning, as the two end up in a battle against evil, and a reckoning with fate that force them both to face their own demons. Will five year old Gabriel be a blessing or Sherlock's 'just desserts' Parent Lock- no John Lock. A series of drabbles centered around Jon and Dany's relationship after she arrives at Winterfell with a marriage pact for the King in the North.

Jon and Daenerys starting from the scene in episode 6, a more detailed version and some missing scenes. Rating changed, will go on with the events of the finale and onward. Princess Emma is on her way to her wedding when her ship is attacked by the Jolly Roger. Drabbles will not necessarily be in chronological order. Whatever she had expected, Jon Snow was something else, something more." [Jon x Dany fluff & smut! Post season 6/ADWD, marked as completed but might update at some point in the future? He feels her elation as she finds the right point on the circuit, watches the droid whir to life, bleeping its gratitude. He is losing himself in her and he knows he needs to stop. Before his exile, Sherlock goes to Molly, who makes a request of him that he gladly fulfills.

Events taking place from the season 7 finale onwards.

Mostly Jonerys one shots from what I think will happen in Season 8, but will feature other characters. "They say dreams are memories of another life." Emma's stubborn, but so is the man who won't give up on her. A letter from the infamous Irene Adler reveals that a small boy raised in a convent is the product of a particularly productive dinner date.

He wasn't her first and she was so sure that he would be like the rest and wouldn't be able to satisfy her. Pretty shameless pwp.(Under revision 12/2016) In which Prince Zuko can't catch a break. [Star Trek Crossover: Khan x Molly x Sherlock]"Port Capitol was ablaze.

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