ezer szo online dating - Who is josh kelley dating

I think honestly, that we just are really good friends.

I think this is the first relationship where I've felt like my partner's more than just my lover, if you will, and is a friend as well.

Shortly after the Doubt actress, 38, met now-husband Josh Kelley on the set of his “Only You” music video in 2005, she started hanging out with fellow Connecticut native Mayer, 39.

“Josh and I were probably dating about a month, and it was unclear where the relationship was going.” .

Katherine Heigl knew she wanted a big family with husband Josh Kelley, possibly even before their eldest child was born.

The 38-year-old actress, who will celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary with her husband this December, opened up to E!

One of those, like, really, really serious fights," Kelley says of the song's inspiration."No one cheated, no one did anything that was an absolute game-ender," Heigl adds.

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