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Zakonik prace online dating

We, the minority shareholders, also believe that if a new investigation commission is to take place in OKD.1.

That all politicians have included even the current serving ones.

Answer: Alleged nameless Czech Politicians want to waist tax payer money again. And thisinvestigation commissionwill find new top secret information about OKD from the past. The planned 10 month Commission can only investigate and criminally charge anyone for alleged crimes.8.

Repeated "INACTION" against Bakala for his alleged crimes again! To nameless Czech Politicians please show the world and especially the Czech public the people your serving the truth about OKDPrivatization. You already have the information all in front of you. Would the nameless Czech politicians want OKD, if the company went bankrupt in 2014 when all the global coal prices where very low ?? Why do not the media ask questions like why Czech politicians seem to want or support the closure of highly profitable OKD coal mines.3500 employees of OKD have lost their jobs in less than 2 years.

Many investigations, reports on alleged criminal conduct dating from at least 2006 regarding OKD.

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